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About Us

A subsidiary of the Group, DAL Medical Services Company Ltd. (DMS) was founded in 1997 and began operations as a distributor of Forceval, owned by Unigreg Limited. Through a series of agency agreements for distribution, sale and marketing of pharmaceutical brands, DMS has grown into one of the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare dealerships in Sudan. In 2010, DMS acquired K.A. Bodourian, an already established brand with 60 years of success behind its name.


To improve Sudanese Health-care by Providing High Quality Pharmaceutical Products

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Adding value, whilst simultaneously contributing to the ongoing development of Sudan’s healthcare through the provision of high quality, value added products and services.

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We focus on our customers, offering them best-in-class products and services while building long-term relationships.

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Chairman's Message

Chairman, DAL Group

We believe that our strength is derived from the diversity of both our people and our customers; we have the privilege of dealing with a range of businesses and consumers across many sectors. We touch the lives of people every day through our products and services, and as much as we believe that is a privilege, we realize the great responsibility that comes with it.
Our focus on quality will ultimately lead to improved financial and operational excellence. We are committed to growth in our existing
business and new ones, all along aiming at the highest operating standards. It is this commitment that motivates our considerable
investment in innovation, product development and quality systems; the driving force behind the Group’s constant pursuit of excellence.
We will work systematically to achieve continuous improvements, setting targets, adding value, and measuring progress. It is very
important that our deeds match our aspirations

More than 200 registered products with the Sudanese Ministry of Health.

Our Portfolio In Numbers

Average Annual turnover USD
Registered Suppliers
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Distribution Fleet mapped and monitored
Among the importer of pharmaceutical product in private sector