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In March 2010 DAL Medical acquired K.A Bodourian & Co. Limited and became the official distributor for KA Bodourian products.


KA Bodourian was established as a partnership by Mr Krikor Aran Bodourian in 1930. It was made a limited company in 1956 for legal reasons subsequent to Sudan’s independence. In 1961 KA Bodourian Nicholas Products (Sudan) Limited established a private company called Sudamed Laboratories Limited, with the objective of it becoming a manufacturing and distribution company of pharmaceutical products. Its first office location was on Tayor Murad Street, next to Sutrac.


Manufacturing commenced in earnest in 1962 with the production of Aspro, which is the brand of analgesic tablets (commonly known as aspirin). The range soon expanded to include skin and hair creams. On average, 250million tablets of aspro and 750,000 tubes of skin and hair care creams where produced from this factory on an annual basis. The vast and impressive and factory included all the machinery to package the tablets properly, and to combine the ingredients that composed the various creams, as well as packaging them.


KA Bodouria currently is official distributor for the following principals:

  • GlaxoSmithKline. 
  • Medreich Plc.
  • BSN Medical (Pty) Ltd.
  • Amdipharm Plc.
  • Beta Healthcare International Limited.

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DAL Medical acquires KA Bodourian

In March 2010 DAL Medical acquired K.A Bodourian & Co. Limited and became the official... Read more