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DAL Medical is one of the leading pharmaceutical and healthcare dealerships in Sudan.  Founded in 1997 as the distributor for just one company, DAL Medical has had an extremely successful growth record. Through a series of formal agency agreements for distributing, marketing and selling pharmaceutical brands DAL Medical currently represents some of the worlds’ most respected multi-national pharmaceutical brands.

DAL Medical was established by Eiman Daoud Abdellatif as the DAL Group sought to expand into new industries.  With a   background in pharmaceuticals, and a substantial personal interest in the subject, Eiman felt she was well positioned to create a healthcare dealership. DAL Medical was launched as a distribution center for Alliance (previously known as Unigreg) with four employees and a clear vision to become Sudan’s leading distributor of pharmaceuticals. Today, DAL Medical comprises more than 50 employees and distributes over a hundred pharmaceutical products and an extensive range of healthcare goods to Sudan’s fast-growing healthcare market. DAL Medical's impressive list  of partners includes GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Alcon, Wockhardt UK and Spimaco.

DAL Medical capitalises on its well-trained human resources by building strong relationships with its customers and health care authorities. As a result, DAL Medical is considered as one of the preferred health care companies by many of the well established multi-national pharmaceutical companies.


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