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Our company vision is to be the partner of choice in Sudan for the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands. This will enable us to distribute world-class pharmaceutical and healthcare goods and services to the people of Sudan through:

  • Satisfying our clients and partners’ requirements and expectations through providing comprehensive customised services that are fast, reliable, cost effective and which add value.
  • Adding value, which is the foundation of our vision. We aim to enhance our clients’ and customers’ lives, whilst simultaneously contributing to the ongoing development of Sudan’s healthcare through the provision of high quality, value added products and services.
  • Growing profitably through our commitment to high standards, operational capabilities and leveraging our expertise.
  • Building strong relationships with customers and healthcare authorities.
  • Providing our employees with a working environment that stimulates diversity, innovation, teamwork, learning and development, and offers challenging, satisfying work opportunities with recognition and reward for outstanding performance.
  • Seek new ways to support DAL Group in being a better, more responsible company through behaving responsibly and caring about the wider impact of our actions.

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